Unearthly Delights an exploration in Magic, Myth, & Delightful Oddities

I've always been awed by the glitches that occur in nature.  Recent conversations on identity, genetically modified foods and the disappearance of the bees has me looking at things in a different way.  In the following projects this comes to light.  Middlesex uses found footage, texture and illustration of mythological creatures to help viewers dive into the topics of the book.  Unearthly Delights uses illustrations that bring mythology and Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights into one strange space where time floats.


Middlesex Title Sequence

Middlesex Process

Unearthly Delights Experiment


This is my final project for my kinetic type class at SCAD. We were asked to create a title sequence for a book and I chose Middlesex, which is a book about three generations of a family, the inbreeding that happens within that family and the identity issues that result. I wanted to play with found footage to showcase the time period and allow me to focus more specifically on type and editing. So, after a good deal of searching I found a variety of videos on youtube and on independent videographers websites from which I pulled footage. Two major sources were Mitch Martinez's and Beachfront B-roll who create footage to share.


This was the third project I did for my branding class with the imaginary client Anthropologie.  After doing several social media spots for Anthropologie, I wanted to do something more experimental.  My goal was to create something that could appear in the beautiful stores that make shopping there such a treat.  While stores like Nike can have epic screens and projections, that doesn't fit the Anthro brand.  With that in mind, I wanted to look for a way to adapt the screen in a way that would work.  I imagine this piece moving even slower than it is here and appearing in a frame like a painting.