Streaming: A leap from screen to space

One thing that makes recent developments in technology so exciting is that now, we have the opportunity to change our relationship with art by having it overwhelm us.  These are two examples of projection pieces that break free of the screen and push into our space.


Seduction For Dummies

Seduction For Dummies Process




This group project was executed by Chris Huddock, Wesley Nelson and me.  My primary role on this project was art direction and finding footage.  This piece was projected onto the wall of two large buildings on the SCAD Savannah Campus.

The brief for this project was to create a piece on the topic of surveillance.  After many group discussion and some research, we discovered that the first step of surveillance is building trust.  There is no way to tap a phone if people don't believe its a safe outlet.  The internet couldn't track our every keystroke, if we didn't love using it. Like most powerful things, surveillance is silent and invisible.  To show this, we thought of the screen as a vacuum.  The right side, representing "the man" and the left the public.  As the tango music plays, the objects are lured to the right side.


This my first projection project.  For this piece, Wesley Nelson and I, separately produced content and edited it and then projected it next to each other on two large discs.  The first video is my portion of the work. The video below shows my work projected next to Wes' piece.

This piece explores the concept of being somewhere where you don't ever really know the rules; In other words, being on the planet.  Using philosophy and metaphysics to try to navigate our circumstances is both comforting and never enough.  

My side of the piece (projected on the left) uses film footage that Wes and I shot together as well as several illustrations I animated.  Additionally, I edited the sound using clips from Alan Watts, When Harry Met Sally and, the poet, Mary Oliver. 

I wanted to isolate some of the small things that are actually very complex that we take for granted, For instance gravity, social systems and chemical reactions.  To explore these concepts, I use footage of fish instinctually following each other, Alkaseltzer reacting with water and magnets pulling putty rolled in iron shavings.