Nibble & Nosh a sampling of Sweet brands and sketches

Going to the farmers market, checking out new packaging in the grocery store, igniting my taste buds with some crazy new food I've never tried, cooking up something delicious...every food-related activity I can think of gets a rating of 10 from me.  Here are some of the things I created when my mind was drifting through clouds made of mashed potatoes. 



From the Fridge: A variety of Branding Projects



These pieces showcase my illustrations in the context of the kitchen. 






SAP is an idea I developed based on interviews with dozens of women between 25 and 35 years old.  These women love the complex taste of a cocktail, but don't always want the alcohol.  SAP is non-alcoholic soda additive that comes in a variety of unusual and complex flavors.  With inspiration from the 1920s and an ultra feminine palette, SAP can look like it belongs behind the bar, but also standout to the consumers who are most likely to purchase it.

SMASH & BRAMBLE is a concept I dreamt up for a jam company.  My goal was to start with something simple like a jam and try to come up with as many complimentary products as I could.  The result was recipe cards, a cookbook, a t-shirt and wooden garden markers.  

WORTH OUR SALT for this project, I wanted to practice my layout skills in a digital space.  I created the web layout as well as the app.





In my branding class at SCAD we were asked choose one client and create a variety of different projects.  I chose the women's retailer, Anthropologie.  After researching the store, it became evident that they are trying to expand their brand into more home goods.  To help with that mission, I wanted to create several Instagram pieces that would act as teasers to drive customers to the blog.  The strategy on the blog would be to show home good products in use.

Some of the themes you will see throughout this montage (and the individual videos below) are the Pantone colors Serenity Blue and Pink Quartz, and the theme of spring.