Context // When I start a new project, I almost always develop an inspiration board. This helps me to identify the elements I am interested in pursuing with my design. It also helps me to create rules for myself to follow during the design process.


Concept // In this particular project, I wanted to create a tension between heavy and light elements. I also wanted to see if how I could seamlessly connect handmade items with industrial or mass produced items. I wanted to find ways to infuse humor, but only in a way that was true to this brand. Lastly, I wanted to work with a palette that tied warm and cool colors together.


*Images for inspiration only. Coming from a variety of online sources.


Context // I imagine the BKINN to be a magnet for creative and interesting people. The Inn itself is beautifully designed yet completely accessible. It is built for comfort and conversation. When you meet strangers here, you wind up talking to them until the wee hours of the morning.

Concept // This image brings to life the setting of BKINN. The logo fits into the space almost like a sconce on the wall. The logo is designed to radiate a quiet warmth. It is dimly lit, unobtrusive and meant to draw only those who are keenly aware and highly curious.


*Image of Lily Vanilli Bakery by Be-Blogger U.K.