Unlike most my other branding work, this project came from a class assignment.  We were asked to find a restaurant or retail space that could use a physical to digital solution to drive sales.  For an added challenge, we were asked that this solution would engage at least 3 of the 5 senses.


Kate Spade?  Saturday? 

Several summers ago I started to see posters around Manhattan advertising something called Kate Spade Saturday.  This adorable brand was more affordable, geared toward a younger audience, bright, fun and even more fun than the big sister brand, Kate Spade.  Upon moving to Savannah and doing some research, I discovered that the people who were most likely to buy Kate Spade Saturday had never even heard of it.  Rather than buying a dress at Kate Spade Saturday, they were purchasing small ticket items from the big sister store to showcase the brand.  This struck me as the perfect opportunity.  If I could take all of those young women who are walking around Kate Spade drooling over items they can't afford and introduce them to Kate Spade Saturday, they would win and so would Kate.  Better than that, if Kate Spade Saturday can become apart of their lives from a young age, these same women will likely grow with the brand and be life long customers.

The Solution

When I began working on the solution I really wanted it to embody the Saturday brand.  On social media, Saturday encourages consumers to embrace the fun of Saturday everyday.  I decided one great way to incorporate this light hearted message would be to create tags that would be hidden like easter eggs in the current Kate Spade store.  These tags (made of the same fabric used in many of Saturday's garments and lightly scented with a lively citrus perfume) would simply state the brand name and a QR code.  Upon scanning this code, consumers would be taken to a mobile webpage that would function like an application.  This app would give consumers a quick introduction to the brand through cheerful images and then would give them the opportunity to choose one of three featured outfits.  After filling in their size and name, the customer would see that if they came to the nearby Saturday store within the next 30 minutes, those clothes would be waiting for them in a dressing room.  To sweeten the deal, they would even receive a discount on their purchases.

This solution is powerful for a number of reasons.  I still remember the scent of the jacket in my Madonna Immaculate Collection CD, that scent memory comes back to me each and every time I see her.  To give consumers a chance to smell Saturday creates a subtle impact.  Additionally, giving the consumers a chance to feel the fabric establishes a level of quality that is impossible online and is hugely telling.  As the consumers go on a fun scavenger-like-hunt from one store to the next, they begin to understand that this brand is all about fun.  Finally, the concierge service and discount on the first purchase build brand loyalty.