It's a Jungle: Playing with color and the natural world

These pieces came out of my obsession for the colors and playfulness found in the natural world.


Through the Fronds

Pink at Play

Pink At Play Process


Surface design is one of my favorite things.  Recently, I've felt really inspired by the many botanical prints that I've seen.  So, I decided to challenge myself to create a botanical print that could be used in a kids bedroom.  After hanging out with the adorable kids I babysit, I started to think about the "Name Game" Song; you know the one: Jungle Jungle bo bumble banana fana fo fumble, Jungle.  In this collection I combine that song, jungle elements, fun colors and textured brush strokes. 


This project was an experiment I decided to do on holiday break.  I am a big fan of pink and find it most interesting not because I love the color, but because it is a color that is so polarizing.  At the same time, I kept finding myself attracted to monochromatic pieces of art and how to make those pieces feel dynamic by adding texture, viscosity and opacity.  In this piece I wanted showcase those elements in the context of everyday objects, order and disorder.