Girls Rule! 

As a girl with the best big sister ever, awesome nieces (and an adorable nephew), brilliant and caring friends and a mom that rocks, the future of girl-dom is really important to me.  I think girls should make equal wages, share their emotions and intuition with conviction and enjoy getting their hands dirty (if they so choose). These pieces are dedicated to creating a world that can truly benefit from the many things girls have to contribute.

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This project is the first step in a much longer, probably life long, personal project.  One of the things I have observed in young girls and even myself, is that lack of confidence leads to a sense of feeling afraid to contribute.  I believe that much of the confidence we lack is due to a misalignment between our nature and society's expectations of us. At a young age, we hear people using generalizations about girls, "What princess is your favorite one, honey?".  This, I believe, is the beginning of that departure from our true self.  Some is a call to action to all adults to be mindful of their language. Simply qualifying what we say with the word "some" gives girls room to explore their interests and be free of the stereotypes that hold them captive.  When they are busy living authentically, their confidence will rise and society will benefit from their contributions.


One of the primary reasons girls are unable to attend school in Africa is because many are responsible for retrieving water for their families. Walking to the water pump that is often far from both their home and their school means opting out of an education.  The Peace Corps and Michelle Obama have joined together to help make both water and an education more accessible to these potential-filled little ones.  To learn more, take a look at their Let Girls Learn.  For good karma, give 'em a few bucks.