Fishtail : A plunge into the Hot and Salty

Growing up in Sarasota, Florida, the water was pretty much everything.  As a kid, I'd wear my bathing suit to school under my clothes, so that as soon as school ended, it was a straight shot into the pool.  These pieces come from my life beside the sea.

Just Beachy

The Little Dippers


There is something so charming about old pictures of people on the beach.  After drawing this picture, I started to think about how great it would look as a pattern, and how great that pattern would look as a wallpaper.  


After going to a roller derby, I started to imagine what the next underground team sport would be.  My guess?  Water ballet. I decided to develop a fictional water ballet troupe called, The Little Dippers.  Once I developed this name, I began to think of all of the connections between "taking a dip" the Big Dipper and the star-like shapes that swimmers make while they are in the pool.